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A fashion brand that inspires elegance in everyday life. Proudly made with style.

Fashion House Maison Saint-Hérem was founded in 2017 by Mrs. Gabriella Koleva. It was created with a vision of a fashion brand for women's clothing with an emphasis on elegant and clean silhouettes, combined with refined and structured fabrics, meeting the aesthetic needs of the modern lady.

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Maison Saint-Hérem Brand Lines

The business line collection of Maison Saint-Hérem includes ladies' suits, dresses and coats with clear silhouettes in the pastel color range and made of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, silk velvet, cashmere, wool and alpaca, garnished with Chanel style trims.

The formal & eve-wear line collection of Maison Saint-Hérem includes ladies' suits, dresses and coats with emphasis on smooth silhouettes in the pastel and metallic colors range and made mainly of natural fabrics (silk, brocade, jacquard, cotton, laces)  with handcrafted embellishments.

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"Roshavata Garga" Brand's Lines

Apart of its main brand, Maison Saint-Hérem, The Fashion house owns also the well-known local Bulgarian brand "Roshavata garga", which was created by Ms. Albena Alexandrova and has a rich, 25 years of successful art history. After its acquisition in 2017, the brand is included in the Fashion house brands' range as casual line clothing brand, but will be developed further with special focus on innovative fashion and offered, on regular basis, as a field of expression to young talented designers.



Fashion House Maison Saint-Hérem S/S 18 Collection Film Photo Session

Maison Saint-Herem all rights reserved (R)


Spring Summer 2018

Filmed in the magnificent surroundings of the Sofia Military Club...



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Sofia Green Fashion Days 

12/05/18 Maison Saint-Hérem


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