It all started when…

Fashion House Maison Saint-Hérem was founded in 2017 by Mrs. Gabriella Koleva. It was created with a vision of a fashion brand for women's clothing with an emphasis on elegant and clean silhouettes, combined with refined and structured fabrics, meeting the aesthetic needs of the modern lady.

As a zealous connoisseur of beauty and arts, Ms.Koleva created "Maison Saint-Hérem" symbolically in the spirit of the noble values. Inspired by the XVIII-th century, when the sophistication was highly appreciated and by the French style as a whole, the Fashion house Maison Saint-Hérem offers finesse both in business clothing and in formal and evening outfits.

Mains Saint-Hérem - Business Line

The business line collection of Maison Saint-Hérem includes ladies' suits, dresses and coats with clear silhouettes in the pastel color range and made of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, silk velvet, cashmere, wool and alpaca, garnished with Chanel style trims.

The formal & eve-wear line collection of Maison Saint-Hérem includes ladies' suits, dresses and coats with emphasis on smooth silhouettes in the pastel and metallic colors range and made exclusively of natural fabrics (silk, brocade, jacquard, cotton, laces)  with handcrafted embellishments.

In addition, the Fashion house presents a casual line clothing, for elegant daily styling.

In its atelier and showroom at 11, Dunav Street in Sofia, the Fashion house offers to its clients tailor made clothing with a wide selection of fabrics from France and Italy, as well as with a special selection of "Haute Couture" fabrics, trims and laces from Paris, France. A ready to wear range is also available and includes limited series of handcrafted pieces of the house.

Maison Saint-Hérem - Porcelain

As a passionate collector of 18th-century French porcelain, Mrs. Gabriella Koleva has the pleasure to offer the visitors of Maison Saint-Hérem to get acquainted with part of her collection. It includes also pieces of the porcelain set owned by Count Armand Marc de Montmorin Sant-Hérem, made by the royal porcelain factory Sevres in 1787. Count Armand Marc de Montmorin Saint-Hérem was a French nobleman and statesman of the 18th century and minister under King Louis XVI.

Gabriella Koleva is graduated from the Business Administration Institute in Nantes, France and ESFAM Sofia. She has more than 20 years of professional experience in the corporate business sector and is long time sponsor of New Symphony Orchestra. Has affinity to drawing, literature and ballet. Gabriella Koleva is daughter of the aphorisms’ writer Petko Kolev and descendant of general Pencho Zlatev, Minister of War (1934) and Prime Minister of Bulgaria (1935).