The Spring-Summer 2018 formal & eve-wear collection of Fashion House Maison Saint Herem is named "To dress poetically the world" and is filled with the poetic and romantic spirit of the ballet style, a core inspiration for this collection.  Aiming the freedom and ease of the dance movements, both the silhouettes and the fabrics were chosen carefully to reflect lightness.

Silk being leading in a kind of 'silk poetry' in various combinations of sophisticated high fashion fabrics, such as jacquard, brocade, organza and tulle, as well as stretched embossed cotton, raffia, embroidered organzas and laces.

The color range includes pastel shades as milky blue, gentle pink, soft green, as well as deep turquoise, metalic green, silver gray and gold.

The fashion house relies on a minimalist style and a clean silhouette, in various lengths, allusion to ballet simplicity and graceful charm. Some geometric shapes and accentuated elements with discrete volume give the cloths a modernistic radiance.

The collection also features elements of the sporty outfit, which can be seen mainly in the shaping of the neckline and shoulders. The semi-closed neckline on the neck and the clean underlined shoulders with no cut follow the simple and clean sports line. Other specific details in the design of the official collection are triangular back, hidden pockets and more.

Habiller poétiquement le monde