Inspired by the elegance and the refined taste of the 18th century, I have created the fashion house Maison Saint-Hérem by which I hope to bring more beauty in the day-to-day life of the contemporary woman.

And, to make a reverence to this period, I named my fashion house Maison Saint-Hérem, inspired by the French historical figure, the Count Armand-Marc de Montmorin Saint-Hérem, minister under King Louis XVI and father of the so called 'hirondelle' of the French writer Chateaubriand-Pauline de Beaumont. Being deeply touched by the family story of the Count, that I discovered by the happy chance of being French porcelain collector, I would state explicitly here that my only connection to this French noble family is emotional and deeply respectful.

In parallel, the Fashion house creation is also my personal tribute to the wonderful fruitful friendship between Ms. Audrey Hepburn and Mr. Hubert de Givenchy, another world history figures that transformed the grace into art and the art into grace.


Our fabrics are alive. They are chosen carefully and with big patience. Each of them has this little sparkle, that attracted us and made us want them. And as in life, we want them natural. Simple and sophisticated. The experts call some of them 'structured'. Or 'technical'. For us, they are light and deep and intriguing. In one word, our fabrics have soul.

And then comes the process of matching them. As in life, it's not an easy process, but it's so delightful. The dating of the fabrics is a wonderful time, all these colors and structures and shapes, and suddenly they find each other! Sometimes though there are some left alone, we are able to search their mate for long time across the globe..until our fabrics shine finally in smile!

And of course, their origin is often classy, from the best and innovative fabric universe. As in life though, beauty can be hidden anywhere.



Maison Saint-Hérem is proud of where we come from. We have rich history of looking, seeing, recognizing, breathing and loving the world around us. Our collections are simply the final resultant of a constant quest for beauty and nuances, for stories and dreaming, for ballet grace of movement and elan.

We called our Collection SS 2018 "Habiller poetiquement le monde' or Dressing poetically the world. With love to our new world and also, to make one German writer from the past, Friedrich Hölderlin, smile. His famous phrase "Habiter poetiquement le monde" (Habitate poetically the world) is really beautuful!

To find out more about what inspires our unique collections, please click the link below.



Maison Saint-Hérem - History


We value beauty. And we believe that every person is capable of creating beauty.

And as we live more and more in a visual world, we invite our clients to just stand and look in the mirror with us. We put fabrics on them again and again with different silhouettes, different colors and structures and lines...and at one moment our clients shine finally in smile!  The matching process of fabrics&silhouettes with a particular lady is fascinating, from all trials the outcome arise naturally and not a single woman has been ever mistaken that this is exactly what she is beautiful in.

We value art. And we believe that the most valuable art, in the end of the day, is the art of inspiring.